Essential Tools of Writers

As flowers are to florists, and paint, brush and canvas are to painters, what about writers? What tools of the art and craft of writing do you associate with them?

Pen and pencil?


Computer, whether desktop or laptop?

Tablet maybe?

You are not incorrect. Any of the above is not wrong.

But as florists and painters need creativity to conceive a work of art, writers need more than creativity and their physical tools for writing.

*Aspiring writers need words (obviously) and good grammar on top of creativity*

Wordsmithing And Good Grammar

As an aspiring wordsmith, have you already decided the language in which you will write?

Will you write in English, Tagalog, Taglish, or perhaps in Pampango, Ilongo, Cebuano or other dialects? Or maybe in lingua franca that you are most comfortable with?

Whichever language you choose to write your story, or novel, novella, or poem, impeccable grammar is a prerequisite.

And to sharpen your proficiency in the use of words, you may want to check the following tips:

*Further develop your grammar skills through reading.

*Read the creative works of authors whose mastery of the language you want to emulate.

*Revisit or read again, and again, the books that inspired you to aspire to become a writer.

*While further honing your language and grammar skills, start writing at the same time.

There is no better time than now to begin working on your aspirations.

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