Types of Creative Writing

We do personal research not only to gain fresh knowledge but also to confirm or check what we already know.

(Note that academic, technical and business researches have different objectives.)

However, when an aspiring writer does a research on the different types of creative writing, the vast and differing amount of materials gathered from this search could overwhelm. It might even dampen a budding writer’s enthusiasm to learn.

To avoid the above, let’s generalise the different types of creative writing, as follows:

  • Fiction (novels, novellas, short stories, flash fiction, vignettes)
  • Scripts (screenplay, teleplay, stage play, TV and radio commercials, graphic novels)
  • Poetry
  • Non-fiction (biography, autobiography, memoirs, speeches, personal essays)

For this series on practical help for budding writers, tips specific to writing fiction will be shared.

Tips to kick off your journey as a writer:

Photo credit: Vivien Allen

-You are ready to embark on your journey towards your aspiration when you can set aside a schedule for writing. It can be two hours or so, at the same time each day if possible. Make it a part of your daily routine.

-Aspiring writers need to train themselves to have as much discipline in writing, for writing is not only an art form and a craft. It is also a discipline.

Write about what you know or what you are passionate about.

-This may be an oft-repeated advice to aspiring writers, but its effectiveness is unquestionable.

Write for yourself, initially, as practice.

-This may sound odd, writing something that is not meant for readers outside yourself. This is good practice, though, as writing freely will get you going into the flow of writing.

-When you’re done writing your piece for yourself, self-edit it for grammar errors, for inconsistency of thoughts or incoherence, loopholes, etc. Revise or rewrite as you see fit.

-After self-editing or rewriting, ask yourself whether you are satisfied with your completed work.

-If your answer is yes, go ahead and write another practice piece for yourself.

-If your answer is no, don’t get discouraged. Go ahead and do another practice writing for yourself.

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