How Creative Are You?

There is this notion that says a creative writer is born. That is to say, one has to have inborn talent for writing and that those without may very well consider other careers.

This school of thought smacks of elitism, and aspiring writers should not be discouraged. There will always be some who perceive that they are better owing to their presumed innate talent.

Creativity can be learned. Those who are willing to make time and effort and work harder to learn will eventually achieve progress. If, on the other hand, you feel that you have inherent skills, making time and effort to hone your creativity will equally be as rewarding.

But, have you ever checked how creative you are?

Let’s have some fun and practise writing to determine the level of your creativity.

This is a screenshot from the print publication of a national newspaper in the UK.


(a) Read the screenshot on the left. The highlighted parts are central to the conflict.

(b) Write a short story or flash fiction centred on this conflict. OR —

(c) Depending on your muse, write any fiction form in which the content is based on the situation as described in the screenshot.

(d) Tap your inner creativity.

Photo Credits: Marites ‘Boots’ Catungal (L) and Elsbeth Estremera (R)
Photo credit: Noriko Nagano (L)

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