How Creative Are You?

Fun, Farce and Humour

In reference to the most recently posted practical tips for aspiring writers (How Creative Are You?), let us proceed to our second creative writing exercise. Let us defy this elitist school of thought professing that writers are born, not made.

This exercise will test the level of your creativity in writing something funny.


(a) Read the screenshot of a recent news item, below.

(b) Based on this news item, write a joke or a short exchange of dialogues between the characters of your creation. This can also be in narrative form depending on your muse. The dialogue exchange or the narrative should be in relation to the news.

(c) You may also try your hand in writing a fun poetry that is centred on this news item.

(d) Tap your inner creativity in writing something amusing.

(e) If a friend laughs at what you wrote, hooray – good sign.

(f) If this friend did not find it funny, do not fret. This is just practice writing 😊

Photo Credit: Vivien Allen

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