Time Out For Poetry #2

How Do You Start Your Day?

A glimpse into the inner you

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Just how do you start your day?

With a mug of tea

and the BBC?

With a cup of coffee

and MSNBC?

With both networks airing

their routinary commodity –

the daily number of Covid deaths

and global warming toxic threats.

– – –

Maybe you start your day –

with a jog around the block

or a 20-minute workout hack

then later kill a Big Mac or a BLT

even Dunkin’ Donuts’ strawberry

followed by café mocha or a Slurpee.

– – –

A likely start of the day is with FB

followed by Twitter, WA, IG, YT

checking on friends’ holiday posts

looking at their latest with the most

maybe die laughing at their pets’ antics

or turn green at their sports acrobatics.

– – –

And how does Faye, Kaye and Lei

venture out to start their day

after a long night of rain and hail?

Faye, in her Jimmy Choos, looks down and sees the mire

Kaye, forever the dreamer, looks up and sees a pie

Lei looks down, then up, and walks ahead by the by

she sees a problem, pegs a quick fix as undoable

and marches on to carry out what is practical and workable.

– – –

What about you –

How do you start your day?

And this was how I used to start my day, continue writing my book in progress at the time.

This poem was first published here and here as well.

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