Time Out For Poetry #1

I shall soon start a new series on boosting creativity. These tips are all practical, as all other guidance I’ve shared on this space previously.

But first, I’d like to share with you a couple of poems that are published on other platforms.

A Writer’s Tale

Which would you rather be: a big fish in a small pond, or a small fish in a big pond?

A friend from the Big Apple once again asked me
You’re a big fish in a small pond, but are you happy?
No reason on earth, I quipped, why I shouldn’t be
I choose the theme and write stories that I fancy
I get to proof my words on the galley for quality
Colleagues, readers and I meet for coffee occasionally.

My dear, dear friend from Queens was ever bold
Echoing to me his age-old witchery of gleam and gold
A small-pond big fish earns paltry pennies, is that a hoard?
A big-pond small fish gets pretty pennies, imagine per word!
My dear, dear friend’s persuasion started to take hold
Until the charm of earning per word got me sold.

Unable to swim, I dived into the big pond
Unable to skate, I skated through the brand
Unable to dance, I waltzed into success land
Pretty pennies per word pounded my wallet hard
Pretty pennies per word went through my hand like sand
As living and existing in a big pond cost a mountain of grand.

When my dear, dear friend caught up with me, finally
Full of hurt, he bitched at me well and truly, interminably
You haven’t returned my calls, he griped, can’t even meet for coffee
How can I, says me, when I have commitments morning to evening daily
Meetings, revising, launching, signing, promoting to get me more money
And now I have to leave you, my big-time friend, for my stress therapy.

And leave I did my friend and niche in the Big Apple
But first not without a whale of a plate of waffle
Pretty pennies per word percolating in my shuffle
As my stress-tormented psyche is forever on a warble;
Not exiting the big pond to be a big fish would be a gamble –
I’d rather be a fry in the ocean with sound mind to amble.

First published here and here.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Power of Words To Transform

is in your hands

Photo credit: pexels.com

Words –
Are they just letters to you?
Thoughts –
Plain mental activities only?
And Wishes –
Just a yearning for something?

Make no mistake –
Words, Thoughts, Wishes have the power to transform
Words can cut to the core and shatter someone’s spirit
But Words can also sway a sinking spirit, sending it to soar again
Same with Thoughts, even if unsaid
Same with Wishes, especially when left to ruminate in the mind.

For the soul hears, and the universe listens in
And when blitzed with words and thoughts and wishes
The universe heeds, and the soul is stirred
Belittle not the power of words, thoughts, wishes
What you send out there for another
Will one day come back to you —

In spades.

First published here and here.

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