Time Out For Poetry #3

The Muckraker

Unprince the prince of whinge!

Unprince the prince

Now a certified Prince of Whinge

Raging, lobbing muck bombs in a binge

Towards royal kin, now blanching in monumental cringe.

Your family is racist, as alleged by the prince’s woke wife

Your media, your country reek of bullying low-lifes

Their antipathy for my color is rife

The woke wife whines as a fife.

What racist family

Would throw a wedding so lavishly

Rejoiced by the public and media with full fealty

Including co-woke celebrities invited (for influence and money).

What human being with a modicum of respect and gratitude

Would trash father, grandpa, grandma with such attitude

Would heave muck and spite with rabid fortitude

Though lacking in verisimilitude.

Unprince an ingrate

As the public heart’s call palpitate

As up and down, near and afar, the miff and pique felt radiate –

Unprincing the ingrate would blind the celebrity money, and stagnate.

Oh, all for the love of money!

* * *

First published here.

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