Skipping the Dreaded Writer’s Block

But is seeing stories everywhere a writer’s boon or bane?

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NOTE: It is incorrect to assume that only professional writers could sometimes experience writer’s block.
Aspiring creative writers can also struggle with what topics or things to write about.
This piece of poetry, which was first published on Medium, will serve as guidance in avoiding writer’s block, which is every writer’s dread.

In the morning when I get up and make my coffee
From the kitchen overlooking the garden and what do I see?
I see stories when the sky is blue and the sun is shining
I also see stories when the sky is grey and snow is falling.

Across brilliant sky with nary a cloud to views that are not dire
A story forms in my head as being a good day to expire
Grey skies and thick fluffy snow on the ground just a-hither
Stirs a sorry story on the homeless as they shiver and dither.

Watching the newscasters spouting their bias on the telly
I see their smirk, I hear their I’m-better-than-you frenzy;
Stories form in my head, did talent bring them to their dais
Or network and connection, or could be due to savvy-couch ways.

Reading the broadsheet at any time of the day or evening
Rewards me with news and opinions, and recipes worth trying
But a rich harvest of story ideas I reap from almost every page
I highlight, I clip, I scan, as I create stories in my head with a rage.

This is how a storyteller can give that dreaded writer’s block a miss
The mind is a sponge, make it absorb pearls of imagination to bliss
Read, listen, observe, think – will the mind to not act like a sieve
Top up your creativity banks daily to tap as needed with a heave.

And when the evening is truly done and you’re ready for bed
Sleep you must do as a storytellers’ mind has to be richly fed
But a writer’s rooted yen for seeing stories could be intrusive
Dreams, sweet and weird, would spawn stories that are inclusive.

When I get up in the morning after a night’s worth of slumber
I start making coffee but I stop abruptly as I suddenly remember
The dreams I dreamt, one was dark, the other bright and cheery
I jotted notes first for story ideas before finally making my coffee.

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Thank you for reading.

This blog is close to its first-year anniversary, and I want to thank all of you who follow and read the little nuggets of advice I post every now and then, and the poetry in me I have rediscovered.

I realize that I would need support to continue sharing what I have learned over the years.

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