Time Out for Poetry #5

A Pocketful of Happy Punctuations

Life is a celebration of vibrant rainbows, so stop writing in whiny ampersands and start living with no full stops

Image by Please Don’t sell My Artwork AS IS from Pixabay 

From the morning you deign to get up to pick up your pen
The words you write, even punctuations, are packed with pain.
The images you make are cleaved in serrated commas of whine
While fogged pictures you forged show nothing will ever be fine.

Each line you wed to sentences in your vamped up paragraphs
Drips of colonic apostrophes of resentment akin to autographs.
Acidic asterisks that are there, like the brackets of shrill ill will
Could not dash or hyphenate the misery you want us to feel.

But the us, alas, finally pulled in a flash of point to exclaim!
We have enough of your bile, your rubbishy, nonsensical claim.
While the object of your rage is keeping an ellipsis of dignity
Questions marking life’s bitter treatment of you hinged in eternity.

Life is how one sees the ebbs and rises, the flows of grief and joy
It isn’t a vacuum as are pauses in commas and brackets in buoy.
You see enmity even in apostrophes as you spew envy in ampersand
Your life, as you perceive it, is forked in full stops at a quicksand.

Life as we see it is riddled with a great many punctuations of glee
There may be pauses in black and blue, sometimes of dark misery.
But you – you only write of gloom, diffusing your unceasing flap
Enough, we say, as we delight in putting a full stop reading your sop.

Life as I see it is a rainbow of pockets full of happy punctuations
Periods there may be of cheerless pauses streamed by actuations,
But, look, the sun rises daily, flowers bloom among weeds of gloom
Life’s a celebration of happy punctuations, write of joy not of doom.

* * *

This poem is first published here.

This blog’s first anniversary, to use a well-worn cliché, is just around the corner.
I have enjoyed, to say the least, sharing the practical things I learned in my over 30 years of writing experience as published author, editor and storyteller.

For beginners and aspiring writer, I hope that you have learned something from the tips and advice I shared in this blog. Hopefully, the poems I sometimes post have amused you as well.

Let me know if you have found this useful in any way. Thank you.

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