Time Out for Poetry #7

Let’s Find Perfection

How do we know joy?
How do we see light?
How do we find perfect?

For me, this is one perfect winter image of a tree along an area in Derby, UK. Photo by Vei Blones

A perfect life seems to be everyone’s quest
full of fun, awash with ease, all the very best.
An imperfect life is not to everyone’s craving
jammed with hard toil, suffused with struggling.

But how do we really, really know perfect
is it by getting or receiving all we expect?
Is it by being served all we wish on a plate
inheriting fame and fortune by the crate?

And how do we really, really know sunny?
if we haven’t first experienced what’s murky?
How do we know joy, glory and ecstasy
if we have not first felt gloom and misery?

Struggling in the dark brings us to the light
Toiling with tearful efforts wins us the fight
Suffer and surrender not to any life’s strife
Aim high and right to reach fulfilment in life.

There is no fulfilment without first frustration
No bliss and felicity without first tribulation
No glee and complacency without desolation
No earned perfection without battling imperfection.


Perfection, to many, is just an illusion, an overhyped perception. They ask: how could there be something, or anything, perfect? Duh, they smirk and spit, stressing that perfection does not exist.

For me, however, a perfect life is totally achievable. Not by counting what we do not have, but by appreciating what we have – no matter if it’s just enough or short of enough.

To say that perfection is in the heart may be booed by many as cheesy.

To say that a perfect life is weighed by one’s ability to welcome each blessing may be construed as unworthy.

I believe that perfection and a perfect life hinge on how we make life’s imperfections give us strength; how we allow our sense of contentment and gratitude to embrace all the graces we’ve been granted.

Let us find perfection through the imperfections that come our way.


First published here.

Thank you very much for reading!

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