Time Out for Poetry #8

An Exit is Not for Nothing

As entry to someone’s life may be for everything

This photo by Designecologist from Pexels has been altered to filter out the four-letter word

People come and go in our life for a reason
Could be for a few wondrous winks of a liaison
Or a million blinks of happy hopes in the horizon –
Hopes that die regretfully in dreadful disillusion.

Fate they say is written in the stars, maybe
Or lined on one’s palms at birth, probably
There could be a reason for your birth, especially –
To be in the exact moment in another’s life, precisely.

The higher ego could think of itself as vastly superior
Invincible, magnificent, everybody else is inferior
But there could be rhyme and reason by the Creator;
Writ before birth, destined and fated via the gestator.

We, you and I, alight and decamp from people’s life
With some heads stuck in self-importance, so rife
But think of your moments immersed in another’s life –
Not always as the lead but a villain or extra in psych.

And when your fated role at birth is over and done with
Behold the exit – no chance to stay – like a blown-up lid
You’re through with your bit, have performed your deed
Propelled another’s destiny as you’ve planted the seed.

People, or so they say, come and go in our life for a reason
Be this passage is pleasing or dismal from the connection
Take heart, the exit is not for nought nor for mere oblivion
A higher purpose is achieved, a cause for life’s inspiration.

For you and I may have been born for something unique
To give breathe, to snuff hopes, to cheer, to plant a pique
We are the bud’s reason, the spark, the spore like a trick
For another to reach heights or lows – the Hand’s mystique.


First published here.

Thank you very much for reading!

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