Time Out for Poetry #9

Cute, Cuddly but Quite Naughty

They have to eat, too

Photo by the author

I finally remembered to carry a bag of bird food
For the tiny cuties in park I frequented to raise mood
On approach saw the food table, bare as expected
Bare as the trees, no berries for friends feathered.

Sunflower seeds rushed onto the table not-now bare
As good feelings erupted contributing to bird fare
Feeding wrens, tits, sparrows, robins, all the cuties
Hear them sing, see them feed and lift one’s fancies.

Photo of a grey squirrel taken at Wrenthorpe Park in Yorkshire, England taken by the author

So the intended ambling in this park had to get going
No use hanging about for the feeding to get cracking
The tiny flying cuties, deprived of mid-winter berries
Will spot the seeds from afar and swoop on the chewies.

But the cuties in my heart that I wanted to feed
Lost first chance to peck on the sunflower seeds
Beating the cuties was a vermin, chomping in a frenzy
As tiny feathered friends watched with eyes hungry.

I stared transfixed at the rodent, wishing it to go away
It stared back at me, not menacingly but as if to pray
For me to step away, away from it, and let it have its fill
As I wavered, the vermin again fed its fill on the feed hill.

Grey squirrels, though they look cuddly, are quite naughty
They steal wild-bird eggs, kill chicks without feeling guilty
Leave song-birds without a tune, strip young trees of barks
Damage natural woodlands, and carry the virus called pox.

Knowing all these as I returned the gaze of this critter
Did not move me to frighten it and deprive it of fodder
What I saw at that moment was a creature pleading to eat
The tiny cuties will have plenty being more loved to the hilt.

Photo taken by the author; UK winter 2022

First published on Medium by Coffee Times.

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