Check Your Level of Creativity

Images, photos and any visual representations
are tools in lighting up creativity

Ever-inquisitive, Sassy is checking what the other cats are up to in the neighbourhood. Chances are, if this Japanese bobtail were human, it would be a writer and not care if curiosity sometimes kills, well, er, a cat. (Image by the author)

Pictures are powerful tools in rousing one’s creativity

It may be photos viewed online, or a group photo of family and friends, paintings in a gallery, drawings and sketches done by a friend or a sibling or a cousin, advertising posters in billboards, or even photos that you, yourself, has taken.

Whichever of these words you use – picture, photo, painting, drawing, sketch, illustration, advertising image – to refer to any visual representation, there is certainly magic in the power of images to inspire creativity.

An aspiring writer should try to develop this technique, that of looking at a picture not only in an aesthetic way but in an imaginative way to bring up one’s creative juices.

So, how to go about nudging one’s creativity by looking at a picture in a fanciful or fictive way?

Check the photos below and see (or feel) what sparks of creativity within you will be triggered.

(Check where my imagination has taken me, too, in the first photo.)

The toddler is relaxing after school. Is he alone? Or is an intruder about to enter from the kitchen door and kidnap the boy? Or, maybe his mom is baking a cake, only for the neighbour’s cat to jump on it?

From the caption, ideas for stories or articles may be gleaned, for example:
– watching TV may or may not be advisable for a toddler after school
– statistics on how safe children are from kidnappers
– easy cake recipes for busy working mums
– discouraging your children from thumb-sucking
– room colours have significant influence in the atmosphere
[Research on the topic, of course, is advised.]

A dreamy, if not mystical, photograph that can take a writer’s imagination to places near and far and magical. Photo courtesy of Vincent Estrellado
Signage, like the above that is found at the entry of the Devil’s Bridge, can spark a writer’s curiosity. Jumpers from the accursed bridge are said to die, so who’s going to pay the current fine of £500 if the jumper does not survive the jump? Photo by the author.
An old, old pathway out in the country. Maybe Freddie has lost his way and is trying to hitch a ride? Image by the author.

So there! A simple move to juice up your creativity is by poring over interesting photos in your collection or going out there in the world to capture a story, even a novel, through a revitalizing click of your camera.

Let me know how you got on with your story-hunting.


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