Let Your Creativity Run Free

Writing ideas are all around us.
Whether live or still photos,
there will always be images out there
that pack a punch of emotions for creatives.

This picture, one of my favorites, most likely stirred the romantic in me.

THE world is a limitless source of ideas.

Your world, of course, may be different from another writer’s world in the context of space and range, or location and its purport (could be culturally or geo-politically).

But we, being readers, too, are all the more rewarded when we read about richly diverse topics and stories, served to us by contemporary writers and writers of yore alike.

Pictures as prime sources for curious creatives

Our world, yours and mine, hold pictures in the mind’s eye.

Whether fleeting or still, these images could leave impressions or questions in our creativity.

Impressions which can present the creative mind with ideas; images out of which possible story plots, new topics for research articles, or even a fresh twist to a novel-in-progress can develop in the creative mind.

But to enable the mind to tap into its creative juices, one has to be open to ideas even if they sound far out.

Entertaining fantastical ideas could spawn practical thoughts, which may lead to curious topics that are worth doing research on.

Images that may stir other creative ideas

Let me share some photos that may (or may not) inspire writing concepts; sample thoughts and ideas are mere illustrations.

The pink full moon on April 2022; photo credit to the author
Photo taken in an area close to Leeds Airport in England soon after restrictions to air travels were lifted due to the Covid pandemic; photo credit to the author
Photo taken at Thornes Park in West Yorkshire where resident Canada geese and other waterfowls in the man-made lake are seen all year-round; photo credit to the author

* * *

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