The Nurturing Heart Of Nature

As nature nurtures us in limitless ways,
let’s then be kind to her

Mother Nature is God’s gift to us. It does not matter whether or not you have faith. The bounty bestowed by nature is for everyone.

From the trees, the plants, the animals on air, on land and in waters – how would mankind survive without nature’s blessings?

But nature’s bounty is not limited to food and shelter. Nature’s gift to us is so much more.

Think about lessons in everyday living.

Think about inspirations.

And, think of magick.

As nature nurtures us in limitless ways, let’s be kind to her as we gather the lessons, pluck the motivations, and hold on to magical yearning.

COVER PHOTO is taken by the author at the Wildflower Garden In Crow Nest Park in West Yorkshire.
© Josephine A. Crispin, 2022


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