Do You See Second Chances As Blessing?

My clematis does and is up to the challenge
but are you, too?

It was late in the planting season when I insisted
Go visit the garden centre for climbers to be planted
And there I saw you, amongst a sad-looking bunch
Like orphans in a home, deprived forever of a sure lunch.

The amateur gardener with me gave you a once-over
You’re struggling to breath and live, he said, will revive never
But the optimist in me validated my feelings like a punch
I want the cheerless-looking clematis be given a chance.

And chance you were given beside star jasmines’ company
Amidst a sea of blooms, bright and happy in colourful variety
You were loved but gave just a few flowers, were you unwilling?
By early autumn, you went sickly yellow then bald as if dying.

With the summer-season plants and flowers dug up and binned
You, as a dying perennial, a decision has to be made to hinge
You were said to be hardy but in sickness can you survive winter?
The optimist in me clinging to second chances tossed you one, ever.

Second chances in life, to humans, are not always there for the taking
And when life offers this blessing, not everyone sees it for being
They may view second chances as added toil or just worthless schemes
Or they may eye second chances as further foil to their failed dreams.

The second chance offered to my clematis, it seized it with mettle
This hardy perennial braved the snow and the frost in fine fettle
Unlike some humans, my clematis accepted my definitive dare
Not only to survive but also to thrive and give me fine flowers fair.

And it did!


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