When The Universe Comes Calling

Roll out the green carpet
and revel in its magnificence

Over 20 years ago, I did research on herbs, the types that are supposedly used for love enchantment. The research was for one of my romance novels.

I do not exactly believe in so-called love potions but hey, romance novels are essentially fairy tales. Readers read them to escape reality, and what better escapism is there for a lovelorn maiden than to bewitch the object of her love?

My research became broad. Not surprising, though. When it came to research, I didn’t do it in half-measures, especially when my curiosity shoots up to the max.

The research on herbs expanded to plants and trees, and also extended to crystals, said to lend more potency to magickal herbs.

As part of research, I sought and purchased some of whatever herbs and crystals I could find. One of my sisters, who was more keen on these things, accompanied me in this undertaking.

But many of the herbs, essentially dried and crushed flowers, were not available. Even the best source at the time that I found, located at the top floor of a posh mall in Manila, didn’t carry the herbs I viewed as most interesting.

The shop’s supply of herbs, crystals, and oils came from Europe.


So, that was that. I moved on, as expected, to my next book, next deadlines, next research.

I also moved on to other places where, even when I was surrounded by nature’s beauty, I didn’t find the time to stop and take a breather. (That’s what happens, I guess, when you work all days of the week to support a family and meet mortgage payments.)

Fast forward to a time when I had moments to focus and breathe. A tree steeped in enchantment scared the living daylights out of me.

It was a weeping willow, whose branches were said to be used in binding a magickal broom (okay, let’s call this broom for what it is: a witch’s broom).

It was close to midnight when this weeping willow “spoke” to me, or rather whispered a soft goodbye. How weird was that? (I’ve written about this experience here.)

That was the first and last time (as of this writing) that a tree or a plant “spoke” to me. It was so spooky. It took me many years before I got over my dread of weeping willows.

Fast forward again to the present. I quit my pressure-cooker of a job to return to book projects that I deferred 10 years ago.

Life is good, very good. I started noticing, with seriousness, the gifts bestowed to us by nature.

And, no, I was not immediately reminded of my previous keen interest in the magic of nature — until I started research for one of my books-in-progress.

Something astonishing

Very recently, my husband and I moved to a property that was not our first choice. I shan’t rap the rather lengthy and stress-filled, months-long process. It is what it is. It has to be done.

We settled for the second choice — and voila, the garden in the property looked fantastic.

It didn’t feel that way the first and second time we looked. We focused on the interiors then, not the garden. It was winter when plants and trees and bushes were hibernating; and early spring when the early garden “risers” were just a few.

We moved in mid-summer, and I was met with a godsend.

The flowers, out of which the herbs are made and which captured my intense interest decades ago, are in the garden. How astonishing is that?

Has the universe been listening to me all this time?

Has it surprised me with all these wonders to inspire my writing, and to share the myths and magick related to nature?

I think so, and I couldn’t be happier.

Wouldn’t you?

Based on myths and folklore, cinquefoil (shown above) which is also known as potentilla or five fingers is associated with witches. It normally has five leaves but occasionally, sprigs with six or seven leaflets, are found. It is said to wash away hexes, provide restful sleep, used as a charm amongst many other magickal uses.


First published by Creative Juice! Publication on Medium.
Featured image by BkrmadtyaKarki from Pixabay

Thank you very much for reading.

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