4-Leaf Clover the Universal Symbol of Luck

If you don’t believe it, ask Elon Musk

LUCK wasn’t on my mind as I walked on the path by the River Aire. It was another sunny, cloudless day, the seventh in a row which would be considered auspicious in England.

To my surprise, the hares but especially the biggest one, paid no mind to my close presence. Two other walkers approached and stopped, also watched with delight as the hares ate with gusto.

They were chomping on – clover!

A hare chomping on clovers; did it also eat a four-leaf clover for good luck? Photo taken by the author by the riverbank of the River Aire in Leeds, England.

The world’s #1 good-luck charm

That the hare would lead me to a clover patch was a pleasant curiosity.

For one, I wasn’t actively thinking or looking for the proverbial good luck charm.

Secondly, I knew that finding a four-leaf clover would be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

But difficult or not, the hares had led me to this clover patch, or so I wanted to believe; hence, I scanned for the coveted good luck charm. There were so many clover patches down the path, which did not discourage me.

I may have started my day with nary a thought on finding good luck charms, but I wouldn’t let the probability of finding one pass.

Myths and superstitions surrounding the four-leaf clover

For centuries, myths and superstitions abound on how the four-leaf clover came to be regarded as a good luck charm.

It was assumed that this religious connection led to the Celtic priests (the Druids), in the Middle Ages in Ireland, believing in the four-leaf clover as a symbol of luck. The four leaves were seen to represent faith, hope, love and success.

In 1604, Sir John Melton, wrote:

“If a man walking in the fields find any four-leaved grass,
he shall in a small while after find some good thing.”

Whether there is truth in the four-leaf clover bringing luck, who could argue with Elon Musk’s or Alfa Romeo’s luck?

So, did following the hare by the River Aire bring me good luck?

No lucky break for me.

I looked at the hare as a tool of Fate, pointing me to a clover patch to look for the hard-to-find four-leaf clover.

Instead of looking at the hare as luck itself, I looked past the hare and sought something else for luck.

It’s like landing a well-paid job with reasonable perks and assured ladder to the top but, still dissatisfied, you actively looked for another job instead of focusing on your current job to learn and deserve that room at the top.

It may also be compared with having a partner who, despite being a loving, caring and responsible human being, was still regarded by you as “not perfect”. Hence, you looked on the side for another prospect who could be perfect.

Luck could present itself at face value. Don’t look past it.

Think for a moment or many moments if need be.

Your good luck charm may already be in your possession, in your pocket, on your lap, and is just waiting to be loved and cherished.

Found my 4-leaf clover, so did my husband

* * *

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