What a Joy to be Around Edible Beauties

Edible flowers are inspirations for creativity,
nourishment for the spirit, and food for the body

SINCE I started using edible flowers for cooking and for salads, my husband has gotten into the habit of checking (suspiciously, I must add) whether his salad has lilac, or magnolia, or viola and pansy, or rose and marigolds.

We grew the above-mentioned beauties in our previous garden. And as we did not use pesticides, whatever flowers I used for food were certifiably organic.

Anyone, however, who is not a fan (like my other half) of edible flowers can simply enjoy their beauty. But chew on this, once you develop a taste for their beauties, sighing with contentment at their deliciousness would not be surprising.

So let me share the edible beauties that I have discovered and continue to discover in our new garden.

Fuchsia berries and flowers are edible, can be eaten in a variety of ways.
Berries are slightly tart and can be harvested at any time during fruiting.
Only the petals of carnation can be used for food;
check here and here for ways to prepare carnation for food and drinks.
Beautiful lilies and edible, too. Check here for more info about these beauties.
Enchanting is the only word to describe these geraniums, the leaves can be prepared for food as well. Check here for more information about this edible flower.
Pansies, also called violas, taste like lettuce and can be crystallised to use as garnish on cookies, cakes and other puddings.
  • Make sure to accurately identify the flowers. Some blooms or flowers look the same and could be poisonous. If you are unsure, don’t pick them.
  • Edible flowers for food are best picked early in the morning. Pick young flowers and buds for their colour and intense flavour.
  • Pesticide-free edible flowers in your garden are recommended. Make sure as well that the plants are free from soiling by pets.
  • If you are foraging, avoid picking edible flowers in areas where dogs (and other pets) usually do their “thing”.
  • Some edible flowers can be toxic to pets so a thorough research is necessary to be certain.



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