The Bird in My Baking Dish

Thoughts on happiness, contentment and success

Birds in my baking dish

Happiness is –

-Seeing a bird bathe in a baking dish

-I used to have an inexpensive bird bath that broke. As I am still looking around for another bird bath after my heart (i.e. not cheap), I placed a hardly used baking dish in the garden.

-Imagine the delight I feel when birds take turns drinking from and bathing in it. At times, the birds take their bath first before drinking the bath water. 😁

-Making do with what we have or what is available is key to little joys in life.

Contentment is –

-Making time to “smell the flowers”

-Smelling the flowers doesn’t have to be literal. It can be having a cup of coffee, and breathing in its sensual aroma while sipping the delicious brew.

-And while at it, not thinking about chores to be done, deadlines to finish, or what the boss requires you to revise in your client presentation.

-Smelling the flowers does not mean after-job retirement, or resigning oneself to an unhappy life or a boring, if not stressful, job.

-Taking time out from all the cares in the world, even for only a quarter of an hour, is bliss. Being in the moment – your moment of feeding your inner peace – is akin to smelling the flowers.

Success is –

-Taking in the feeling of appreciation from those around you

-Summing up success in life is not always measured by money or fame or both, although understandably many do.

-However, I believe that one’s worth can be gauged when money and fame had risen up in smoke, power and influence finished, or especially when one is down and out.

-Our worth, vis-à-vis success in life, is reflected by the number of family, friends, colleagues and neighbours who are there for us, not because we have something they want off us.

Success may be ephemeral,
but our worth as a person is eternal.


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